TP - A veteran of the porn industry and founder of one of the largest groups of black swingers sits down to talk about sex parties, the porn industry and all that freaky ish...

Spoken Word/Poetry
"The P*ssy Poem"

SWV - Can We
R Kelly - Bump & Grind
Missy Elliot - Get Your Freak On
The Roots - P*ssy Galore

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On this week's episode of The Stay Woke Show we sit down with Narada Garrett from the Sneaker Lounge to talk about the sneaker culture and what it means to be a business owner. 

I've been wanting to do an episode like this for awhile. Sit back as we spotlight one of my favorite pastimes while also exposing my co-host Mike to the Culture of J - Walking. 

Sneaker Lounge is located at 7001 Crestwood BLVD Suite 410 Birmingham, AL 35210

Follow us on Twitter and use #STSW:


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Southern Boy Buff returns to discuss faith, belief, and the evolution of forming your own thought.

Poem: I Believe

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We're back for another episode of the critically acclaimed StayWoke Show. This week we were joined by Karneisha Cummings from GlamStyleDivas. We Stayed Woke on proper feng shui, the trans-pacific partnership, marriage, and much more! 

When the world tells you to look left, we're here to tell you why you should look to your right!

Don't forget to watch and subscribe to the StayWoke show on Youtube

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BStuc has Rainy and Mike back in studio to discuss the Bill Cosby revelations, the Ciara and Russell Wilson abstinence pledge and the Confederate Flag bamboozle


We keep you laughing

We keep you thinking

But we will ALWAYS keep you WOKE!!!

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The Real Negus are back to fill the void with another too trill episode of Dem Thrones! This week we discuss the top 10 "Real Negus" of all time!

Sit back, enjoy the antics and join in on the debate as Mike and BStuc catalogue the greatest men in the Seven Kingdoms!

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This week Mike and Rainy are off. Filling in this week, we spotlight our third guest, friend and mentor, Ahmad Ward from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. A graduate from Hampton University and a native of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Ahmad is head of education at BCRI. He stops by to discuss Dylan Roof, The Confederate Flag, Rachel Dolezal, Black Fatherhood, White on White Crime, and SO MUCH MORE! StayWoke! When the world tells you to look left, we tell you what's coming on the right!

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