Poets and producers Bo Live and Bri Blue sit down to talk about how the west coast and one of the most historically progressive areas in America is beginning to look like the rest of the country. Check out their upcoming show He Is this weekend here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2084692

Spoken Word poem: "A Big Booty Bitch Named America"


"Same Song" - Digital Underground
"Who Do We Think We Are" - John Legend
"Ain't Nobody Worrying" - Anthony Hamilton
"Mural" - Lupe Fiasco

Direct download: Master_We_Is_2.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:36pm CST

Shirah Robinson, an organizer with the Birmingham Chapter of Black Lives Matter sits down to talk about the fight for social justice and the right to defend oneself.

Related content

Spoken Word Poem 
"A Poem About A Poem About My Grandmama's Church"

Nas ft. Kanye West - Still Dreaming
Fugees - A Change Gon Come
Donny Hathaway - Someday We'll All Be Free
J. Cole - Be Free

Direct download: BlackLivesMadder.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:00am CST

This Week The Crew gets together to talk about Donald Trump, Thanksgiving, vigilanteism and more. #StayWoke, Stay Woke! What we got to say ain't no joke!

Direct download: Negus_of_the_Round_Table.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 11:29pm CST

Author Joi Miner sits down to talk about her new novel The Sidepiece Chronicles; A Dirty South Love Story, the writing process, experience, sidepieces and everything else.

Spoken Word:
The Ten Commandments of One Night Stands

The Pointer Sisters - Betcha Gotta Chick On The Side
Lauryn Hill - That Thing (acapella)
Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment - Familiar

Direct download: Sex_Sidepieces_Alicia_Keys.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 11:55pm CST

BStuc and Mike discuss Kareem throwing Shade at Jordan, Trevor Noah's #StayWoke Moment and much more

Watch all the Staywoke Shows on Youtube

Direct download: Noahs_Mark.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 10:59pm CST

Rahkia Nance sits down to discuss her graduate work on social media, how it has affected the narrative of Black history, and what it will mean in the future.

Direct download: twittermaster.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 8:44pm CST

Burgess Jeffries - a high school teacher drops in on the Stay Woke Show to lend perspective to the situation at Spring Valley High, Quentin Tarrantino and Halle Berry being single again.

There are a million web series that keep you informed.

Only ONE helps you ‪#‎StayWoke‬

watch this episode on YouTube at https://youtu.be/LVcTxluv21s

Direct download: teacher.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:25pm CST

Straight off the heels of the 1st democratic debate, BStuc and Mike are here to keep you WOKE on, Justice or Else: The Million Man March 20th anniversary in DC, Wishing T.I., Stephen A. Smith, and Raven Symone would STFU, and so much more!

When the world tells you to look left, we're here to tell you to why you should look right!

It's the Stay Woke Show like, share, comment, and you feel so kind donate!



Watch this episode on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GzhpAR6G-k

Direct download: Staywoke_or_Else.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 12:11am CST

Conversations from the "Justice... Or Else!" rally on October 10th in Washington DC

Poetry: Open Letter to White America


Public Enemy - Fight the Power
Donny Hathaway - Young Gifted and Black
J. Cole - Lost One
Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth - T.R.O.Y.
Yasiin Bey & Marvin Gaye - Beef

Direct download: justusfinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:18am CST

Daroneshia Duncan sits down for a conversation about becoming and being a transgender woman of color.

Ohio Players - Sweet Sticky Thing
Erykah Badu - Bag Lady
Kendrick Lamar - Alien Girl
Queen ft David Bowie - Under Pressure

Spoken Word: Batman and Superhero Privelege

Direct download: Trans_Late_final.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:10am CST

Bstuc and Mike are joined by Tyshawn Giles and DJ BBrian to discuss how men feel about natural hair, dating, education, politics and so much more on this extended episode of the Stay Woke Show.

There may be other web series that keep you informed, but this is the only one that keels you #woke

Direct download: Goodfellas.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:19pm CST

Jeremy Harriot sits down to talk about what it's like growing up as a Black nerd/geek - the good, bad and ugly!

Digable Planets - Rebirth of Slick
Cee-Lo Green - El Dorado Sunrise/Superchicken
Outkast - Benz or Beamer
Yasiin Gaye - Mathematics

Direct download: geekfinal.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:03pm CST

Orron Kenyatta returns to discuss black shamefulness, Kanye, Chief Keef and everything else.

Direct download: Pondering_Monsters_final.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 3:22pm CST

Mike and BStuc discuss Killer Mike, Ahmed Muhammad's supposed "bomb," Black sophistry and the evil Monstanto on this week's show. There are a million shows that keep you informed, but there is only one web series that help you Stay Woke!

Direct download: Runthenewsfinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 3:14pm CST

The Stay Woke crew returns after a week or so of editing issues with the last episode. Have no fear, we're back with special guest and emerging young professional Lindsay H.

Went ten toes and a few bunions in on Tom Brady, the NFL's ever changing image problem, conflict resolutions, my new favorite TV show & MUCH MORE! 

Direct download: Master_Staywoke.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 12:21am CST

BStuc and Mike discuss the on-air shooting of a news reporter, "Straight Outta Compton" and much more!

Direct download: straight_outta_sleep2.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:30pm CST

The Queen of Spoken Word, The Poetess Laureate of ATL, Georgia Me sits down for an expansive conversation about everything under the sun including her history, the responsibility of an artist, work ethic and of course - race.

OUTKAST - Liberation
Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know
Ray Charles -  Georgia On My Mind
Lauryn Hill - I Find It Hard To Say

Direct download: Master.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:00am CST

Recently there has been a pushback on political correctness, liberal catchphrases and the over-passification of the current generation (especially on college campuses). 

Quang Do who teaches on this subject and works in University Student Life sits down with me and Lee, and transgender college student to examine the perspectives of this recent narrative.

The Coddling of the American Mind 

The Roots - Ain't Sayin Nothin New
Rufus & Chaka Khan - Jive Talking
Janelle Monae - Q.U.E.E.N
Lauryn Hill - So Much To Say

Direct download: whatchooMaster.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 3:21pm CST

This week's Stay Woke Show takes a deeper look into hair styles, hair care, and the overall psyche of hair. Tune in as we discover the first man to sell his hair as weave and we find out if India Aire was wrong about hair. Style guru and owner of Kinky Curly Beauties Leslie Blakely joins us this week. Stay Tuned, Stay Woke, sit back, like, share, and comment!

Direct download: natural.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 5:04pm CST

Three perspectives on the last but MOST SIGNIFICANT segment of institutional discrimination in America:

The overwhelming number of segregated schools. 

We speak with Keshia - a teacher who transferred from a school in one of America's most affluent suburbs to a school with one of the poorest and blackest demographics in America.

We broadcast  clips from This American Life's expose on the St. Louis integration efforts

And we re-air the audio program on The Hoover City Schools efforts to segregate their schools by discontiuing the bus program.

Nas - What Goes Around
Boogie Down Productions - You Must Learn
Erykah Badu - Master Teacher
A Tribe Called Quest - Seperate Together
Dead Prez - "They" Schools

Direct download: The_Last_Dangling_Noose.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:23pm CST

Perhaps the funniest and most entertaining episode thus far, this week's StayWoke Show is a CANNOT miss! 

I've been wanting to bring this week's guest, Brigitte "Doctor" Burpo on for a long time! We previously worked on a local radio program here in Birmingham. Now she joins the Real Negus for a global initiative! You'll see why she was archetype for cohosting duties for my show. Her witty, snazzy retorts and bold approach to life proves she takes a backseat to no one.

This week we discuss BlackLives Matter and Bernie Sanders, Ray Rice and Domestic Violence, Relationships, Dating, the healing Bishop Bullwinkle brought me, and SO MUCH MORE! 

Watch this episode on youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKz7J9MWd8o

Direct download: Staywoke_8-10-15_-_2_da_naw_naw.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:41am CST

When the son of a well-known activist is killed in a small South Carolina town it becomes an epic struggle of religion, self dettermination, and non-violent resistance vs retribution. Originally written in 2008, "The Situation In South Carolina" foreshadowed Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, Baltimore, and even Charlestont

Once month we will release more of the audio version of "The Situation in South Carolina."

Direct download: SituationFinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 11:44pm CST

BStuc and Mike return to bring you an update and litmus test on you need to keep your eyes on, ncluding:
Meek Mills
Cecil The Lion
Russell Wilson
Hulk Hogan
The Confederate Flag
Stephen A. Smith

and much, much more!!!!

Direct download: staywoke_11_neguslease.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 11:36pm CST

TP - A veteran of the porn industry and founder of one of the largest groups of black swingers sits down to talk about sex parties, the porn industry and all that freaky ish...

Spoken Word/Poetry
"The P*ssy Poem"

SWV - Can We
R Kelly - Bump & Grind
Missy Elliot - Get Your Freak On
The Roots - P*ssy Galore

Direct download: Freakcocktales.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 9:26pm CST

On this week's episode of The Stay Woke Show we sit down with Narada Garrett from the Sneaker Lounge to talk about the sneaker culture and what it means to be a business owner. 

I've been wanting to do an episode like this for awhile. Sit back as we spotlight one of my favorite pastimes while also exposing my co-host Mike to the Culture of J - Walking. 

Sneaker Lounge is located at 7001 Crestwood BLVD Suite 410 Birmingham, AL 35210 


Follow us on Twitter and use #STSW:


Direct download: staywoke_12.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:55pm CST

Southern Boy Buff returns to discuss faith, belief, and the evolution of forming your own thought.

Poem: I Believe

Direct download: BelieveFinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 9:48am CST

We're back for another episode of the critically acclaimed StayWoke Show. This week we were joined by Karneisha Cummings from GlamStyleDivas. We Stayed Woke on proper feng shui, the trans-pacific partnership, marriage, and much more! 

When the world tells you to look left, we're here to tell you why you should look to your right!

Don't forget to watch and subscribe to the StayWoke show on Youtube

Direct download: YouDownWithTpp.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 11:51pm CST

BStuc has Rainy and Mike back in studio to discuss the Bill Cosby revelations, the Ciara and Russell Wilson abstinence pledge and the Confederate Flag bamboozle


We keep you laughing

We keep you thinking

But we will ALWAYS keep you WOKE!!!

Direct download: Pill_Cosby_7.16.14.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:24pm CST

The Real Negus are back to fill the void with another too trill episode of Dem Thrones! This week we discuss the top 10 "Real Negus" of all time!

Sit back, enjoy the antics and join in on the debate as Mike and BStuc catalogue the greatest men in the Seven Kingdoms!

Direct download: demthrones_Top_10.mp3
Category:Television -- posted at: 3:17pm CST

This week Mike and Rainy are off. Filling in this week, we spotlight our third guest, friend and mentor, Ahmad Ward from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. A graduate from Hampton University and a native of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Ahmad is head of education at BCRI. He stops by to discuss Dylan Roof, The Confederate Flag, Rachel Dolezal, Black Fatherhood, White on White Crime, and SO MUCH MORE! StayWoke! When the world tells you to look left, we tell you what's coming on the right!

Direct download: staywoke_8.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 10:19pm CST

Singer/songwriter Joelle Regal sits down to talk about music, art and everything under the sun.


Amy Winehouse - A Song For You
Joelle Regal - Hated For My Hue
Kendrick Lamar - Sing About Me
Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Warm Enough


Direct download: skinfinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:00am CST

Joretta King tells the incredibly true, tragic, uplifting story abouy her life, her redemption, and triumph over it all.

Spoken Word poem: 
Stand Still



Nas - Black Girl Lost
Donnie Hathaway - Little Girl
Natalie Cole - Little Girl
John Mayer - Daughters

Direct download: sugarsexhopelessness.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:00am CST

 BStuc, Mike, and Rainy are here to point out what you're being distracted from. This week Mike is off. However we spotlight our second guest, April Scott, a Birmingham native, a doctoral candidate of Psychology from Auburn University, and creator of the Rhythm & Rhyme Poetry Night. She stops by to discuss Rachel Dolezal, The psychology of Black identity, Stereotypes, Dating, Hair care, and SO MUCH MORE! StayWoke! When the world tells you to look left, we tell you what's coming on the right! 

Direct download: Staywoke_7.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 12:33am CST

The Real Negus, BStuc and Mike, have returned for the season finale installment of the critically acclaimed series "Dem Thrones" an eye opening look at the best show on television HBO's Game Of Thrones. RIP to the Fallen Negus this season! Subscribe, Share, Comment, and back it up and do it again! 


BStuc Rainy and Mike are joined by Edward T Bowser - writer for AL.com and head music critic from SoulInStereo - to make sure you don't sleep on Dem Thrones, the state of Black Music and the incident in McKinney Texas.


Direct download: Staywoke_Episode_5.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 12:13pm CST

Episode 9 of the most hilarious, stupidest, funniest Game of Thrones Review EVER

Direct download: E9.mp3
Category:Television -- posted at: 3:39pm CST

Professor Quang Do and I had a conversation about sexism, homophobia and racism  on a drive back from Little Rock, Arkansas

Spoken Word Poem: 
Too Many Jesuses

Black Jesus - Yasiin Bey and Mannie Fresh
Wanna Be Cool -  Donny Trumpet and the Social Experiment
The Way Of The World - Earth Wind & Fire
Walk Like A Warrior - Dead Prez

Direct download: Social_Justice_Warrior.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:30pm CST

Bstuc, Rainy and Mike discuss Bruce Jenner's sex change, a new drug flooding the market, being religious but lost, and much more! When the world tells you to look left, we tell you what's coming on the right! 

Direct download: episode_4.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 8:54pm CST

The Real Negus, BStuc and Mike, have returned for another installment of the critically acclaimed series "Dem Thrones" an eye opening look at the best show on television HBO's Game Of Thrones. Subscribe, Share, Comment, and back it up and do it again! 

Follow us at:

Instagram: @bstucthapoet @michaelharriot

Twitter: @iambstuc @michaelharriot

Direct download: Dem_Thrones_S5_E8.mp3
Category:Television -- posted at: 6:03pm CST

The Black One #109 - Something about Nothing

Poet M.A. and I sit down for a meandering, diverse conversation about nothing in particular, but something VERY REAL including money, religion and the possible solution to all

Spoken Word Poem:
Secondhand Jesus

Direct download: something_about_nothing.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:12am CST

BStuc, Mike, and Rainy discuss dating, beauty standards, fake eyelashes, a vital success secret, good wingmen etiquette and much more! 

Direct download: staywoke_Episode_3_Audio.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:55pm CST

We discuss Jay-Z's Tidal Problem, Motorcycle Riots, Tubman Dollars, and the Top 5 qualified voices of leadership in the Black..I mean Moorish community! Sit back and enjoy, Comment, Share, and Subscribe...and then do it all over again! #STSW

Direct download: Episode2.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 7:29pm CST

Orron Kenyetta uses the tragic death of his nephew, the incarceration of his son and the scene of the Baltimore woman beating her son on national TV into a conversation about how we raise, treat and teach Black boys in a society that finds them disposable.

Spoken Word Poem: "Stones"

Nas - Surviving the Times
De La Soul - Its So Eazy
Jimmy Cliff - Many Rivers to Cross

Direct download: The_Father_The_Son.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 11:17pm CST

Dr. Carl Hart joins us to dispel the myths and inconsistencies about drugs.

Spoken Word Poetry: My History With White Girls


UGK - Pocket Full of Stones
Goodie Mobb - Dirty South
NWA - Dopeman
Lupe Fiasco - Dopeboy Freestyle

Direct download: dopegamefinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 11:28am CST

I traveled to the Baltimore Uprisings to speak with the people on ground zero being vilified as "thugs."

Spoken Word Poem - "There Is No Time"


Shoot Me Down - Lil Wayne
Dying of Thirst - Kendrick lamar
Inner City Blues - Marvin Gaye
Thug is a Drug - Mos Def
Stone In My Hand - Everlast

Direct download: Thug_Is_the_New_Nigga2.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:34pm CST

Comedian, poet and host of the StayTunedStayWoke Podcast - BStuc the Poet - returns for a discussion about his ongoing journey into rediscovering his sprituality and questioning all of the things he once believed.

Spoken Word poem:
Stay Woke

Music - 

Dear God 2.0 - The Roots
Still Dreaming - Nas
Wake up and Live - Bob Marley
Nature of the Threat - Ras Kas

Direct download: Staywokefinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 5:48pm CST

Poet and Comedian Ed Mabrey - the first man of color and the only 3-time winner of the prestigious Individual World Poetry Slam - talks about the parallels of poetry, comedy annd art, how he became one of the world's premiere spoken word performance artists and turning a hobby into a a professional career.


Spoken word poetry
"The Improbable Roast Beef Erotica" - Michael Harriot
"Rules for My Son" - Ed Mabrey
"Tick Tock" Ed Mabrey


"What A Job" - Devin The Dude ft. Andre 3000 and Snoop Dogg
"Poetry Man - Queen Latifah
"International Players Anthem" - UGK ft Outkast
"Poet Laureate" - CanIBus

Direct download: Final_template.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:42pm CST

Poet Clay Renaissance and I sit down for an open talk about sexual abuse, sexuality, religion and so much more.

Spoken Word/Poem
"The Ballad Of Miller Smith"

J. Cole - Love Yours
Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Erykah Badu - Love
Amy Winehouse - There is No Greater Love

Direct download: Born_Again.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 12:33pm CST

Frequent guest Orron Kenyatta joins us to talk about the police shootings in Ferguson, the invisible Army at our disposal, and much more.


Poem: The Negro Lives in Cages

Oukast - Liberation
Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker The Berry
Lupe Fiasco - Say Something

Direct download: Cages.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 12:29am CST

Experience what it was like to be at the Jubilee celebration of Bloody Sunday - the event that changed Civil Rights history in America. Listen to the old, young and everyone in between give their unique perspective on what this day means

Direct download: Crossing_Bridges.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 7:42pm CST

In our 100th episode poet, comedian and author BStuc makes his first visit to the podcast this year to discuss the rise of Black network television, the problem with Kanye, the Oscars' ommission of Selma and SO much more!!

Direct download: Keeping_it_100.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:26pm CST

Dr. Ahmad Washington, Professor of Counselor Education at South Carolina State University drops a boatload of knowledge on the importance of HBCUs, The hypocricy of the predominate education system, the history and future of Black education and the importance of African-centered learning. Dr. Baron Davis makes a cameo.



Nas - You Can't Stop Us Now
Jay-Z - 99 Problems
Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know
Yasiin Gaye - Peculiar Mathematics
Ras Kas - Nature Of The Threat

Direct download: The_Dot_on_the_Margin.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:56pm CST

Henrietta McRath shares the past two years of her fight with breast cancer in one of the most inspiring, funny, gritty, tragic, and triumphant stories ever aired on this Podcast.

Spoken Word Poem - "Doubt"


"Got Til It's Gone" - J-Dilla & Janet Jackson
"Bag Lady" extended remix - Erykah Badu
"I Want To Thank You" - Alicia Myers
"Mission" - Lupe Fiasco


Direct download: The_Tragic_Disappearance_of_Tina_and_Trina.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 11:02am CST

Catrena Norris Carter sits down to discuss the nature of black protests, the results of the Civil Rights struggle and MUCH MUCH more!

Direct download: A_Bridge_to_Selma.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 5:00am CST

A remastered version of the most popular episode of this podcast.

The story of a crime and tragedy that tears apart three generations. The incredible true tale of a close knit black family, a murder and how it all exploded in one day that would change them forever.

spoken word poem:

"The Top Secret Recipe to Aunt Phyllis' Fried Chicken"

Direct download: Robin_and_Tiffany_Remastered.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 4:00am CST

My friend Derita and I sat down to discuss the travails of the love lives of "independent," successful, single, Black women...

and football.

I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. - Lil Boosie
This Woman's Work - Maxwell
Single Ladies (cover) Irma
So Glad You're Mine (cover) - D'Angelo

Spoken Word/Poem - "Soon Sunday Comes"

Direct download: declarations_of_Independents.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 12:41am CST

The Original Bad Boy of Comedy, national headlining comedian Howie Bell joins us to promote our upcoming live podcast at the Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta, Ga where he will be performing January 22-25

Direct download: Saved_by_the_Bell.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 7:12am CST

Once again its time for THe Black One Podcast awards show that looks back at the past year's shows and chooses the listeners' favorite parts of the podcast. Did you vote? Did your favorite win? Find out on this episode!

Direct download: bigblack.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:36am CST

Bstuc and I sit down to reminisce about 2014, point out the stories we missed, the ones we warned you about and to look forward to 2015.


Spoken Word Piece: 
"Black Magic/Abracadabra Ni**er"

Kanye West ft Adam Levine - Heard'em Say
Kanye West and Jay Z - A New Day
Drake - Started From The Bottom
Outkast - 13th Floor/Growing Old

Direct download: yearendfinal3.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:17pm CST






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