Orron Kenyetta and I continue our epic discussion on art, sexuality, life, history and...

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After migrating to the shores of Hawaii, frequent guest of the podcast Orron Kenyetta returns to discuss protest, the civil rights movement, education, sexuality, religion, art and... 

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Supreme Security Officer/ National Minister of Defense for the New Black Panther Party, Hakim Muhammad sits down with me to discuss self defense, violence vs nonviolence and the recent decisions in Ferguson and New York

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In a revealing 7 days that ended with the Eric Garner Grand Jury decision, I chronicle my trip to Ferguson, Missouri the day after the Michael Brown verdict, and share conversations, thoughts and some VERY interesting revelations about the violence and looting covered in the media.

Spoken Word Poem:

Why Watchmen Whistle The Blues



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Comedian/Poet/Author Brandan "BStuc" Stuckey drops by to discuss the Cosby Allegations,  to break down Kim Kardashian's booty and dig into Willow and Jayden Smith's weirdness

Spoken Word Poetry - "The Step By Step Recipe to Black Girl Booty"


Music -

Wiz Khalifa - Ass Drop
Eryhah Badu - Booty
LL Cool J - Big Ol Butt
Yasiin Bey ft Ghostface - Ms Fat Booty 2

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On the occasion of her 68th birthday, I talk to my mom about raising children, regrets, being a part of communities, life lessons, and tell some tales from my childhood.


Spoken word poetry:
A Threefold Treatise on Looking Up

Mac Miller - I'll Be There
Mos Def - Mi Umi Says
Ambrosia - Biggest Part Of Me
Shinedown - Simple Man

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Rosalind Sellers - a former prosecutor, former public defender and current Owner of the Sellers Law Firm breaks down the Mike Brown Grand Jury,  the popularity of law enforcement using civil forfeiture, marijuana laws, voting rights restrictions and almost every other legal issue in the news.

Poem: What This House Needs

F*ck The Law - Dead Prez
Lets Get It On - Smif & Wesun
Fighters - Lupe Fiasco
Mr. Nigga - Mos Def

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I sit down with my friend Wedzell and my Palestenian friend Ray to discus Middle East history, politics, stereotypes and perceptions, how it divides us and how it unites us.

Spoken Word Poetry piece: The Introduction


Keith Murray - The Most Beautifulest Thing In This World

Frankie Beverly and Maze - We Are One

Digital Underground - Same Song

Nas ft Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World

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Highlights from the live broadcast of when Comedian Bstuc The Poet and I comment, poke fun at and discuss the 2014 BET Hip hop awards.


To see video footage footage go to www.michaelharriot.com

poken word poetry: The Dear John Letter to Hip Hop

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BlaqueDiamond, Joell Regal, comedian BStuc and I discuss dating, relationships and sex in the new millenium.


Spoken word poetry: "The Backup Man"


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BStuc The Poet (@Iambstuc) rejoins the podcast for our periodic breakdown of everything that is pop culture, newsworthy or just in the Black Zeitgeist. 

Spoken Word poetry: "Crooked Cooks"

Them Belly Full - Bob Marley
Fighters - Lupe Fiasco
Slipping into Darkness - War
Liberation - Outkast ft Erykah Badu and Cee-lo

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Sexologist Kitty Pride joins us to talk about our perceptions of sex, sexual exploration, hangups and how tey have been shaped by religion, history and evolution. 

Spoken Word Poetry - "The Addict"

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A group of friends who are parents of sons discuss the Mike Brown tragedy, Ray Rice's troubles, Adran Peterson's charges and Jameis Winston's antics and how they all relate to one subject: How we raise, discipline and teach black boys:


Spoken word/poetry: The Most Interesting Video Game In The World


James Brown - A Man's World
Nas - Surviving the Times
Notorious BIG - Respect
Lupe Fiasco - He Say/She Say

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The story of a family torn apart, a crime unpunished and a woman seeking justice after an unarmed father is shot ten times by policemen.


Spoken word poetry:

The Notorious Negro Suicide Note

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Municipal Magistrate Maurice Muhammad sits down to talk about his experience working in two of the most dangerous cities in America...
In Alabama
As a Black Man
and a member of the Nation of Islam

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After a long day of protesting, talking to neighbors, speaking with press and interviewing fellow protesters, Orron Kenyetta, Dragonfly Laureate, See The Poet and I sit down to discuss the events we witnessed in Ferguson Missouri

Spoken Word Poetry  - Ni**er Anesthesia

T.R.O.Y. - Pete Rock and CL Smooth
New Slaves - Kanye West
Murder Was The Case - Snoop Dogg
Around My Way (Freedom Aint Free) - Lupe Fiasco

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Orron Kenyatta (with ABoriginal Radio) and I descend on Ferguson Missouri after the Mike Brown incident to give you a 360 degree, up-close-and-personal, three dimensional blow-byblow of what is going on there. Follow us as we discover the tension, happiness and anger that has gripped the city and the people who live there.

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Chief Keef, the rapid extinction of young black men, Ferguson, Missouri and more

Nas - Get Down
Bob Marley - War
Lupe Fiasco - Joaquin Phoenix
Nas - What Goes Around

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Glenwood Urbz, Blaque Diamond and BStuc join me for a conversation about the incident in Ferguson Missouri and the fate of Black Boys across America Music: Nas ft Eban of The Last Poets - You Can't Stop Us Now Outkast - Hold On, Be Strong Jay - Z - Hard Knock Life Kendrick Lamar - Black Boy Fly

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Southern Boy Buff and BStuc Tha Poet rejoin the podcast to discuss Ray Rice, Stephen A. Smith, Iggy Izalea, Al Sharpton and a host of other topics.

Queen Latifah - U.N.I.T.Y
Method Man - Make Up to Break Up
Tupac - Do For Love
Kendrick Lamar - Cut You Off

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Arthenius Jackson talks about her history of sexual abuse, how it affected her and how she finally came to grips with it.

Poem: What Happened Then


Tupac - Baby Don't Cry
Pink - Nobody Knows
Lauryn Hill - I Find It Hard To Say
Sonny Sinay - Survivor (Destiny's Child acoustic Cover)

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Poet, comedian and musician Queen Sheba sat down with me to talk about art, poetry, comedy. As usual, we detoured into the fascinating life journey that took a biracial girl living in foster homes, to one of the most respected artists in the country



MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha

Queen ft. David Bowie - Under Pressure

Outkast - She's Alive

Nas - Queens Get The Money


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Brandan "B-Stuc" Stuckey joins me for the second annual simulcast of the BET Awards that includes criticism, discussion of comedy, the breakdown of popular music, and jokes too dirty to repeat.



Zoom - The Commodores
So Ghetto - Jay Z

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I sat down with Reese and Leslie to talk about their experiences as a lesbian couple, coming out of the closet and how family and friends adapted to their new lives.


Black Sheep - This or That
Aerosmith - Pink (Live acoustic performance)
Chaka Khan and Rufus - Do You Love What You Feel?
Tupac - Unconditional Love

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Southern Boy Buff returns to talk about our personal religious journey, how it relates to our upbringing and our lives, and if we can clearly define it all.

Music - 

Randy Newman - God's Song
Kanye West - Lost in a World
Common ft. Ceelo Green - G.O.D. (Gaining One's Definition)
The Roots - Dear God

*this episode contains an excerpt from Doug Stanhope - F**k Your God

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Brandan "BStuc" Stuckey returns for a conversation about religion, reality TV, pop culture and reignites the debate about who is responsible for it all


Dr. Dre ft Jay-Z and Rakim - The Watcher
D'Angelo - Devils Pie

Lupe Fiasco - Hurt Me Soul

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#65 - And The Moral Of The Story Is...

Comedians Tyler Craig and Fredo Davis sat down to talk about comedy, race, history and how it is infused into entertainment.

Public Enemy - Fight The Power
Jadakiss ft Anthony Hamilton - Why (remix)
John Legend - Who Do We Think We Are
Yasin Bey and Mannie Fresh - Black Jesus

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An all-star lineup of poets join in to help me celebrate 20 years as a spoken word artist.

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Army Drill Seageant, personal trainer and host of "Ur Voice" podcast sits down to talk about achieving your personal fitness goals, getting your body right for the summer, dieting and so much more.


Throughout the podcast Dr. Karen Reynolds also corrects some of the popular misconceptions and myths about diet and exeercise.


"Kanye's Workout Plan" - Kanye West
"Fat Boys" - Fat Boys
"Breathe Easy" - Jay Z
"Body and Soul" - Anita Baker

Direct download: BodySoulfinal.mp3
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A conversation with comedian and poet BStuc begins with the Donald Sterling incident, and meanders into religion, politics and of course - sex.



Nas - The Last Real Ni**a Alive

Scatman Crothers - Ahm a Ni**erman

Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man

Mos Def - Mr. Ni**a

Direct download: Sterling_Silver_and_the_New_Nigga.mp3
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I visit WRFG 89.3 FM in Atlanta to talk about the upcoming Rough Language Poetry Slam, Tamikafest and everyting else.

Direct download: Rough_Language.mp3
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A devotee to the White Man's March ant the White Empowerment movement explains the sad, unfair treatment of White People and runs down his explanation on how diversity equals White genocide, and why he thinks the monthly "White Man's March" is necessary.


Ice Cube - Turn Off The Radio/You Know How We Do It
Tupac - White Man's World
Stevie Wonder - Love's In Need

Macklemore- White Privelege

Direct download: White_Power.mp3
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A conversation with Herman Hall about his documentary "Beyond The Beat: The Untold Story of Black College B ands" morphs into a lesson on pursuing dreams, politics, history, and self empowerment.



Kanye West -"I Wonder"

Otis Redding - "Dreams to Remember"

Tuskegee Marching Band - "Funky Stuff"

Sam Cooke - "A Change is Gonna Come"

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Emcee Darius the Terrible  talks about hip hop, how he embraced it and offers a different point of view from an onld dude like me.


Future - Drug Money

J. Cole - Let Nas Down

Darius the Terrible - One Time

The Roots - Act Too (Love of My Life)

Erykah Badu - Love Of My Life


Direct download: Whats_So_Terrible_About_Darius.mp3
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Southern Boy Buff and BStuc the poet sit down to address the embracing of ghetto culture, ratcheness and how it affects the perception of Black people

Lupe Fiasco ft Pherrel - Us Placers
Rick Ross - B.M.F.
The Roots - What They Do
Nas - Poison

Direct download: When_Ratchetness_Meets_Reality.mp3
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Rodrick "Rodzilla" Freeman - "the Blackademic" sits down to talk about the black family, treatment of black women, the banning of the "n-word" and every other topic under the sun.

Rodrick Freeman's tumblr page


Jaheim - Put that Woman First
De La Soul featuring Redman - Oooh
A Tribe Called Quest - Sucka Nigga
Outkast - Bombs Over Baghdad (a capella)

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The conversation with Orron Kenyetta continues and delves into the subject of tradition, family, mothers and law enforcement. More excerpts from "Whatever Happened to Officer Friendly"

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Orron Kenyata makes his triumphant return to the podcast in this two-part episode that features an extended conversation as well as clips from the debut of the live performance of his stage production "Whatever Happened To Officer Friendly."


Lupe Fiasco - Ignorant Freestyle
Smiff & Wesson - Let's Git It On
Prince - Darling Nikki

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Just days before releasing her CD, Tomika "Blaque Diamond" Glenn joins the podcast to talk about her journey to becoming an artist. How she feels about her craft and her new project.

Blaque Diamond's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bubuchks


Kanye West - Diamonds

Angie Stone - Black Diamonds and Blue Pearls

Kanye West - Everything I am

Blaque Diamond - Beautiful (track #6)

Direct download: Blaque_Diamond_in_the_Rough.mp3
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Musician, poet, writer and singer Joell Regal joins us to tell how she became a songwriter, what motivates her, and to bless us with a few live performances.

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Phillip Brown, President of the Alabama Minority GOP sits down for an in-depth talk about Politics, faith and the future of this country.

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A conversation with Southern Boy Buff and B-Stuc the Poet about sports morphs into a lesson about the black wealth, how the bias in sports reflects the plight of Black people as a whole, and how cute the woman that D. Wade cheated with is.


"Breathe Easy (Lyrical Exercise) - Jay-Z

"Still Not A Player" - Fat Joe ft Joe

"Barry Bonds" - Kanye West

"Under Pressure" - Queen 

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The Black One Podcast presents The Blackies - our year-end spectacular and awards show to celebrate our 50th podcast and commemorate our first anninversary. Listen as we wrap up this tragic, hilarious, thought provoking and insanity that was the Black One in 2013

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