A special episode about the county in Alabama whose continual efforts to reinstitute different forms of segregation have spread across America and repeatedly end up in front of the Deptartment of Justice and the Supreme Court.


Nas - Surviving the TImes

Donny Hathaway - Someday We'll All Be Free

Bob Marley - No More Trouble

Lil Wayne ft Robin Thicke - Tie My Hands

Special thanks to: Sam Brooke, Trisha Crain, Mandy Solomon, Natasha Korgaonkar, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Ryan Haygood, Save The Hoover Buses, Southern Poverty Law Center, MSNBC, MixLAProduction, Wake and Bake production

Listen to the entire interviews at www.facebook.com/TheBlackOnePodcast



Direct download: the_place_that_pushed_back_time_final.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 5:07am CDT

Toni Shealey returns to the podcast to talk about discovering her past, her spirit and learning about herself through the self-examination of therapy and counseling. To hear her first interview, chec out episode #2 "Lost and Turned Out."


Pharcyde - Runnin' Away

Kanye West Ft Bon Iver - Lost In The World

Stevie Wonder - I Believe

Unknown - Mashup " I Will Survive/Bust The Windows Out Your Car"

Direct download: And_Now_Im_Found.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:08am CDT

Brandan "BStuc" Stuckey returns to the podcast for a frank, funny discussion abpout black people and their portrayal in music, movies and TV

Direct download: Black_People._Silver_Screen.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 8:50pm CDT

On the anniversary of the assasination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Orron Kenyetta explains a "conspiracy theory" based on sleight of hand, how JFK's death mirrors the struggle of Black people, and how magic relates to the strategy of revolutions.


Lupe Fiasco - Put You On Game

Stevie Wonder - If Its Magic

Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of Silence

The Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil


Direct download: JFK_and_the_Tragedy_of_Magic.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:16am CDT

Poet and singer Shaunteka LaTrese sits down for a conversation about poetry, religion, fake friends and becoming an artist.



Erykah Badu - Didn't Cha Know
Goodie Mob featuring Andre 3000 - Thought Process
Lauryn Hill and Curtis Mayfield - Here But I'm Gone
CanIbus - Poet Laureate


Direct download: Here_But_Im_Gone.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:57am CDT

Everything you know about credit might be wrong

I sit down with Rod McCall to hear a professional dispel all the myths about credit, finance and money.

Direct download: C.R.E.A.M._final.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:00am CDT

A diverse group of Black men have a conversation about the disappearance of Black Men in education, in the community and in homes. This is a frank and honest look in the mirror, and society as a whole.

Direct download: A_Conversation_about_Black_Men.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:50am CDT

The Black One Podcast held it's first live show in Atlanta Georgia with Southern Boy Buff performing spoken word and Bstuc (@IamBStuc) giving a hilarious comedy set. Previous guests of the podcast joined in for a live discussion as well as a few new members chimed in as the debate about love, relationships and dating became very lively.

Music -

A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It?

Method Man and Mary J Blige -  You're All I Need 

Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It

Outkast - 13th Floor - Growing Old

Direct download: AUral_Fixation_-_A_One_Night_stand_for_your_ears.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 9:48pm CDT

Poet Southern Boy Buff returns to provide commentary for the 2013 BET Awards


Nas - Hip Hop is Dead

The Roots ft Common - Act Too (Love of My Life)

J. Cole - Let Nas Down

Mos Def - The RapeOver

Direct download: Waldorf_And_Statler_Bomb_the_BET_Awards.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:24pm CDT

This is a compilation of the best stories from the first 40 episodes of "The Black One" podcast.


Bill Withers - I Can't Write Left Handed

Too Short - I Like The Way You Move Your Sexy Body

Bruce Springsteen - Wreck On A Highway

The Roots - Water

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit

Kanye West ft Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nikkie Minaj, Bon Iver - Monster

Erykah Badu - Mama's Gun

The Beastie Boys - She's Crafty

MacLemore - Same Love

Nas - You Can't Stop Us

Direct download: Black_Tales.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 11:07pm CDT

Reggie Clyburn sits down to talk about the awesome powers of religion, insecurity and cocaine.


Jay-Z - I Know What You Like

Curtis Mayfield - No Thing On Me (cocaine)

Neil Diamond - Needle and the Damage Done

Amy Winehous - Rehab (acoustic)

Direct download: holyghost_Powder.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 8:16am CDT

Southernboy Buff revisits the podcast for a discussion about hip hop, poetry, art and the commece of it all.


Lupe Fiasco - Hip Hop Saved My Life

The Roots - Act Too (Love Of My Life)

Erykah Badu - Love of My Life

Jay - Z - Song Cry (instrumental)

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme

Ice Cube - Ghetto Vet

Direct download: hip_hop_Pope.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 4:22am CDT

I sat down with HBO Def Poet Red Stormto hear the captivating tale of growing up from drugs, crime, prison and ultimately to redemtion as one of the country's most talented wordsmiths.

Tupac - It Ain't Easy
Red Storm - Redemption
Curtis Mayfield  - Eddie You SHould Know Better
Jay-Z - This Can't Be Life 
Red Storm - Domestic Lesson 

Twitter: @redstormChicago

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RedStormChicago

Direct download: The_calm_after_the_storm.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 12:48am CDT

I sit down with attorney Rosalind Sellers to discuss the the legal disenfranchisement of Blacks, the racial biases in the justice system and the tactics of protest.


Nas - Thief's Theme

Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns and Money

The Roots - Stomp 

Outkast - Liberation

Direct download: Coyotes_at_The_Fence.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 10:11am CDT

Dan and Sophia Shanks sit down for an honest and in-depth discussion about their experience with interracial dating and marriage.

Direct download: Love_Is_Patient._Love_is_Kind..mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:00am CDT

A conversation that started out about this generation's place in the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington turns towards a discussion on religion, aliens, hip hop culture, history and everything else.


Kendrick Lamar (Featuring Mary J Blige) - Now Or Never

Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop

Denise Williams - Free

The Roots - I Walk Alone



Direct download: Martians_Marching_Miley_Cyrus.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:39am CDT

Art Bacon is a reknowned artist, educator, scientist and academic whose unbelievable journey of accomplishment, service and education kicked off with a now-infamous historical incident that you should know about. Find out more about Art Bacon at www.Artbaconartist.com

Music - 

Time After Time instrumental
The Impresssions - People Get Ready

Anthony Hamilton - Coming From Where I'm From

Kanye West ft Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Big Sean - Don't Look Down

Ray Charles - Yesterday 

Direct download: train2.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:22am CDT

Tyshawn Giles revisits the podcast to discuss being a single father, raising a son, teaching a boy how to become a man, how to treat women and the struggle of making a boy into a Black man in the world we live in.


1. Ed OG and the Bulldogs - Be A Father To Your Child

2. James Brown - Papa Don't Take no Mess

3. Jay-Z and Kanye West - New Day

4. Temptations - Papa was a Rolling Stone

Direct download: cmon_son.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:09am CDT

Orron Kenyetta makes his fourth appearance on the podcast to talk about growing up in Chicago, Black Panthers, serial killers, and his love/hate relationship with the Windy City.


Curtis Mayfield - We Who Are Darker Than Blue

Lupe Fiasco  - Hurt Me Soul

Boogie Down Productions - Ya Slippin'

Kanye West - Homecoming remix

Direct download: But_War_Aint_No_Game.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 3:00am CDT

I sat down with Reginald Lawrence - a theater professor at Depaul University, actress Demetria Thomas and podcast regular Orron Kenyetta. The conversation started with Black Theater, then evolved into a conversation about art, race, history and culture...


Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On

Donny Hathaway - A Song For You

Bob Marley - No More Trouble

Mos Def, Dead Prez - Made You Die

Learn more about African cetered theater at www.mpaact.org

Direct download: steak2.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 3:55am CDT

Tanzania McIntyre and Ensa Matthews visit the podcast to talk about sex, relationships, dating, sex, love, trying to find someone to marry...

and did I mention sex?

Music -

1. India Arie - I am ready for love

2. Switch - I call your Name

3. Roots - Hypnotic

4. Rachelle Ferelle - I Can Explain


Direct download: LoveCoochieNo.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 4:00am CDT

Instant reactions form the George Zimmerman verdict, what it means, and one possible solution to it all.

Kanye West - New Slaves

Bob Marley - War

Kendrick Lamar - Dying of Thirst

Anthony Hamilton - Ain't Nobody Worrying (unplugged)

Bob Marley - Them Belly Full 

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit

Direct download: Chess._Not_Checkers.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 5:45am CDT

Dr. Karen Reynolds returns for a special podcast about everything sex - Orgasms, STDs, birth control, erectile dysfunction and so much more. Join in as she slays the some of the myths and clear up some misconceptions in a scientific and medical discussion on the ins and outs of the REAL American pastime...

Music - 

Nas - Dr. Knockboots

Kiss - Dr. Love

Prince - Condition of the Heart

Direct download: everything2.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 4:30am CDT

What happens when single, intelligent black men get together to talk about their feelings about women AND you take the filter off? Find out what men REALLY think by listening in on this raw, unfiltered conversation about love, relationships and sex...

Yes, lots of sex.


Mary J Blige and Method Man - You're All I Need

Aretha Franklin - Ain't No Way

Kanye West featuring John Legend - Blame Game

Switch - There'll Never Be

Adele - Fool That I am (Etta James cover) 

Direct download: Love_Coochie_and_Krispy_Kreme.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 3:47am CDT

Dr. Annalise Fonza concludes our conversation about her journey from a Cathilic school girl, to Methodist minister to atheist. She talks about love, life, family and the struggles and triumphs since her enlightenment.


J. Cole - Born Sinner

Nirvana - Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Rainbow

Donny Hathaway - Giving Up is Hard To Do

Common ft. Ceelo Green - G.O.D. (Gaining One's Direction)

George Carlin - On Religion

Direct download: losingmyreligion2.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 3:54am CDT

Dr. Annalise Fonza was a Catholic School student for 12 years

Dr. Annalise Fonza was searching for truth and a relationship with God and became a Baptist

Dr. Annalise Fonza was bold enough to LEAVE law school to answer "God's call" and four years of divinity school

Dr. Annalise Fonza was an ordained methodist pastor of SIX congregations

Dr. Annalise Fonza is NOW an atheist

This is Dr. Annalise Fonza's story


Randy Newman - God's Song

Kendrick Lamar - Faith

Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes - If You Don't Know Me By Now

Everlast - Put Your Lights On

link: http://www.annalisefonza.com

Direct download: LosingMyReligion.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:29am CDT

My mom joins the podcast for a long talk about raising children, researching our family history, cults vs religion, homeschooling her children, education, and almost everything under the sun.


GhostFace Killa - All That I Got Is You

The Beatles - Your Mother Should Know

Beanie Sigel - Mom's Praying

Shinedown - Simple Man (Lynard Skynard cover)

Direct download: My_Moms_In_My_Business_f.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 4:10am CDT

Race. Sex. Politics. Religion. Relationships. Religion. Family.

These are just a FEW of the topics we covered when I sat down with Brandan "Bstuc" Stuckey and Southern Boy Buff two comedians, spoken word artists and outspoken friends.


Lauryn Hill - So Much To Say

Run DMC - You're Blind

Kendrick Lamar - Don't Kill My Vibe

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On

Patrice Oneal - Race War/Reparations

Lupe Fiasco - Put You On Game

Direct download: Seeing_The_Strings.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 4:40am CDT

Sharrif Simmons, spoken word artist, musician and filmmaker sits with me at the Birmingham Museum of Art before we perform and the conversation flows from art, to poetry to religion and beyond. He talks about growing up as an American in Ethiopia, returning to NYC, his upcoming film project in Amsterdam and so much more.


Kanye West ft Bon Iver - Lost in the World

Kendrick Lamar - Sing About Me

Soul II Soul - Back To Life 

Lupe Fiasco - National Anthem

Direct download: AfricaAlabamaAmsterdam.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 4:15am CDT

Listen to an exotic dancer explain in FULL DETAIL and TOTAL HONESTY every aspect of the business including:

Her first time stripping

Where to find glitter mixed with baby oil

Sex with customers

Having her grandparents show up at the strip club

and anything else you wanted to know about the business.


Too Short - I've Been Watching You (The Way You Move Your Sexy Body)

Common - Misunderstood

Prince - Darling Nikki

The Roots - Pussy Galore

Direct download: This_Womans_Twerk.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:17am CDT

Ismael Smittie talks about what it is like to come out of the closet to your mother and your entire family. He also shares his thoughts about growing up gay, homosexuality and religion, and everything else!


Queen - Somebody to love

Pearl Jam - Hide your love 

The Roots - What They Do

Macklemore and Stuart - Same Love 

Direct download: Thats_So_Gay.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 7:02am CDT

Drill sergeant, barber, fellow podcaster and one of my closest friends Reggie Samuel sits to talk about growing up, overcoming onstacles in life, what his daddy made hoim afraid of, being a drill instructor, and following your dreams...


Nas - Surviving the Times

Whodini - Friends

Nas featuring Kanye West - Still Dreaming

J. Cole - Dollar and a Dream III


Direct download: How_to_eat_an_elephant.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:50pm CDT

Orron Kenyetta returns to the podcast along with vocalist Yaw Agyeman for a free-flowing conversation about art, race, media, terrorism, poetry, parenting, Kung Fu and DMX vs Inyala Vanzant...


YAW - Lovely Day

YAW - Driving Me Sane

YAW - Where Will You Be

Direct download: creativityCrackKungFu.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:23am CDT

How the murder of one cousin by another tore a family apart. If you like it please share with a friend

Direct download: RobinandTiffany.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 9:43am CDT

How does one go from life as the troubled, homeless, teenage son of an addict to finding the love of his life and becoming an executive at one of the largest banks in the US?

Jeremy Ardrey shares a story that is SURE to inspire anyone who has ever had to overcome a struggle.



Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beaming

Cee-Lo Green - El Dorado Surprise - (SuperChicken)

Curtis Mayfield - Ghetto Child

Tupac Shakur - So Many Tears


Direct download: TheWriting_on_The_Wall.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:55am CDT

This week on The Black One:

I grovel to the audience for last week's missing episode.

Dr. Karen Reynolds and I answer questions about weight loss, why Magic Johnson may be responsible for sex without condoms, health issues among Blacks, and why cows are so delicious!




Dr. Dre and Eminem - I Need a Doctor

Kool Moe Dee- Go See The Doctor

John Mayer - I Don't Need No Doctor

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (a capella)


Direct download: the_Doctor_Is_In.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 9:48am CDT

What happens when you get 3 single, successful, educated Black women together to talk about relationships, finding a mate and Black men?

Find out on this episode as Emma, Rosalind and Tyra share their experiences in dating, life and love.



Mary J Blige - Real Love

Amy Winehouse - Wake Up Alone

India Arie - Ready For Love

Sara Bareilles - Single Ladies (acoustic Cover)


Direct download: SingledOut.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 6:44pm CDT

You've probably seen an episode of "Oz" on HBO. You've probably watched "Lockup" late on a Friday night, but is it really like that behind bars? Tyran Harriot exposes the sex, the violence the money and everything else you would experience in the penal system. Its an interesting, raw, uncut look at prison life, how he got there, why he has been in and out of prison, and what he plans to do to stay out this time.


Music -

Public Enemy - Black Steel in the Hour Of Chaos

Akon - Locked Up ft Styles P

Donny Hathaway - Someday We'll All Be Free

Wyclef Jean - Gone til November live 

Direct download: Locked_Up.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:52am CDT

What is it like growing up in a notorious Compton gang neighborhood?

How does it feel to be shot five times?

Get an in-depth look at gang life, the socio-economic reasons, the sociological reasons and the historic reasons from a person who has lived the life.

click through to Amazon at www.michaelharriot.com

email at theblackone@michaelharriot.com


Geto Boys - Straight Gangsterism

Bob Marley - War

Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life

Ice Cube - How To Survive in South Central

Everlast - Stone In My Hand

Direct download: Thats_So_Gangsta.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:20am CDT

Lionel Means returns to the podcast joined by his wife Ashaki Means, and Jeremy and Kim Ardrey as we discuss the differences between HBCU's and predominately white universities, Black Greek-letter organizations and all of our college memories.

Of course the conversation diverges into technology, parenting, partying and SO much more...



A Different World Theme Song

Outkast - Get up, Get Out

Asher Roth - I Love College

Kanye West - School Spirit

Direct download: schooldaze.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:38pm CDT

Is science incompatible with religion?

How does it feel to "become" American?

How are we trying to cure cancer?

Is cloning ethical?

I sat down with one a top genetics researcher - Dr. Lincoln Moxey, who talked about religion, science, and SO much more!!!!



Andre Crouch - The Blood

The Roots - Dear God

James Taylor - Woodstocl

John Lenon - God

Lauryn Hill, Ziggy Marley - Redemption Song



Direct download: finalevolution.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:18am CDT

#8 - My Jihad

I sit down with an old friend Sulieman Wazeerud-Din who talks about growing up as an African American Muslim, the history of American Blacks in Islam, his path to becoming a physician, and the state of health care (as he sees it) in America. It ends up as a fascinating look at religion, race and the struggle to success...



Common - Misunderstood

Dr. Dre featuring Skylar Grey and Eminem - I Need A Doctor

Frankie Beverly & Maze - We Are One

Lupe Fiasco - Muhammad Walks



Follow Sulieman Wazeerud-Din on twitter

Nomad MD website

Nomad MD twitter

Replenish Solutions website




Direct download: myJihadfinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:09am CDT

#7 - The Laugh Craft

I went backstage at Birmingham's Stardome with two comedians - Steve Brown - a national headliner who has been on stages performing comedy for 18 years...

and Terry Tee - a newcomer to comedy with 3 years experience trying to build an audience and a career.


What follows is an interesting conversation about groupies, heclers, Fantasia's cat suit, and much more


Jay-Z & Kanye West - A Star is Born

Kelly Rowland - Motivation

Sam Cooke Laughing and Clowning



Direct download: LaughCraftFinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 2:10am CDT

Poet, docent and middle school teacher Orron Kenyetta sat down with me to talk about the famous "face jugs" of David Drake - a slave who created some of the most incredible pottery in the 1800's


As usual, he conversation flowed into the use of the "N-word," portrayals of African Americans in the media, the definition off "hater" and SO much more.



T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You) - Pete Rock & CL Smooth

Redemption Song - Bob Marley

Made on America - Jay-Z & Kanye West

Ain't Nobody Worrying - Anthony Hamilton




Direct download: rainbows3.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 10:30am CDT

#5 - Sunny Slaughter Saves the World

I invited activist Sunny Slaughter over to talk about human trafficking and we ended up chatting about guns, why black people don't tip, relationships, but MOSTLY about the differences between men and women.



Jamie Rochelle - Crazy (acapella cover)

Jay-Z ft Foxy Brown - Sunshine

Lupe Fiasco - Sunshine

Common ft Jill Scott - 8 minutes till Sunrise

Gnarles Barkley - Crazy (stripped down performance)


Sex at Dawn 

How We Mate, Why We Stray, and What It Means for Modern Relationships


Christopher Ryan


Direct download: Sunny_Slaughter2.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 4:13am CDT

#4 - Religion, Wrecks and Drum Majors

This podcast might change your life!!!

I sit down with one of my closest and most interesting friends - Lionel Means Jr. on my way to the Presidential inauguration and what follows is an in-depth conversation about organized religion, life, Martin Luther King - and the nature of God, people and faith.


Direct download: ReligionWrecks.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 1:02am CDT

Where does inspiration come from?

Why can't Black people swim?

How can a meteorologist be oblivious to a hurricane?

Are Biggie and Tupac part of Black History?

Should you pray before sex?

These are only PART of the littany of subjects comedian, author and spoken word artist Brandan "Bstuc" Stuckey tackes on this week's episode as we explore sports, politics, poetry and everything in between in this free-flowing wandering conversation that offers laughs, revelations and a unique insight into the minds of two poet/authors/microphone fiends just sitting around my house kicking it.

Episode Music:

Nice & Smooth - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow

John Coltrane - Spiritual

Too Short - I Been Watching You

Thelonous Monk - 'Round About Midnight

Eric B & Rakim - Microphone Fiend

Fugees - How Many Mics


Direct download: Microphone_Fiends.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 12:22am CDT

What happens if you take "The Coldest Winter Ever" multiply it by 1000 and add in a true story?


I sat down with Author Toni Shealey to talk about her book "Lost and Turned Out." What followed was one of the most riveting conversations you'll ever hear. We speak about sexual abuse, the con game, jail, generational curses and discovering yourself. It was an honest, uplifting and sometimes funny dialogue I hope you will enjoy.

Music included on this episode:

"Bag Lady" - Erykah Badu

"Jezebel" by Sade

"Olivia (Lost and Turned Out)" by The Whispers

"Survivor" - Destiny's child (Sonny Sinay Cover)

Direct download: lostfinal.mp3
Category:African American -- posted at: 4:55pm CDT






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